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Giorgio Spiazzi

Giorgio Spiazzi

Associate Professor of Electronics

University of Padova
Dept. of Information Engineering - DEI
via Gradenigo 6/B
35131 Padova - ITALY
phone: +39 049 8277755











1993: Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Padova

1989: Laurea degree (cum laude) in Electronic Engineering from the University of Padova


2001: associate professor at the University of Padova

1993: researcher in Applied Electronics at the University of Padova


Giorgio Spiazzi’s research interests and activity are in the field of power electronics. In particular, he has been focusing his research on the following topics:

-        advanced control techniques for dc/dc and ac/dc converters;

-        single-phase and three-phase high power factor rectifiers;

-        fluorescent and HID lamp ballasts;

-        soft-switching techniques for dc-dc and ac-dc converters;

-        electromagnetic compatibility issues in power electronics.

More recently, Giorgio Spiazzi has been working in the following areas:

-        maximum power point tracking techniques for photovoltaics;

-        high gain converters for renewable energy sources;

-        solid state lighting.

Giorgio Spiazzi is author of more than 150 technical papers, all presented at international conferences of the power electronics area or published on the IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Industrial Electronics and Power Electronics. Giorgio Spiazzi is a member of the IEEE and a reviewer for several IEEE Transactions journals in the power electronics field.



The most recent cooperations, documented by funded projects and/or publications, are the following: University of Campinas (SP), Brazil; Polytechnical University of Tours (F),  ST Microlectronics Catania and Cornaredo (I), GDS Global Display Solutions, Cornedo Vicentino (I), Arcotronics Nissei, Sasso Marconi (I), CERN, Geneva (CH).