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Microcontrollers and DSP

Curruculum: B.S. degree in Electronic Engineering

Instructor: Simone Buso

Course duration: 48h


  • Basic hardware organization and software architecture of a microcontroller and/or a DSP
  • Fundamental circuits of an ALU: adder, barrel shifter, multiplier
  • Control circuits for wired and micro-programmed CPU designs
  • Micro-controller peripheral units: timer and PWM modulator, A/D converter, capture and compare unit, serial communication units, field bus interface
  • Peripheral unit management by interrupts
  • Memory organization of a microcontroller
  • Instruction set characteristics
  • Fixed and floating point arithmetic
  • Integrated development environments
  • Examples and solved problems for a ARM based microcontroller

Enrolled students will find more detailed information on the Moodle website of the Department of Information Engineering.