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Analog Electronics (Elettronica Analogica)

Curruculum: M.S. degree in Electronic Engineering

Instructor: Leopoldo Rossetto

Course duration: 72h


Learning outcomes: Develop in-depth analysis capabilities of analog electronic circuits. Being able to design simple circuits. Learn the correct use of a simulation program of electronic circuits.

Contents: The classroom activity starts with a short summary of the analysis tools that will be needed during the course and have been shown in other teachings. Then the program topics are considered with great detail, from different point of view and with a level of depth not usual in classical textbooks. The student has to develop two homeworks, required for the final examination, which are related to topics covered in lectures. For their develop a introductory lesson on the adopted simulation language (SPICE) will be given.

Enrolled students will find more detailed information on the Moodle website of the Department of Information Engineering.