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Power Electronics

Curruculum: M.S. degree in Electronic Engineering

Instructor: Luca Corradini

Course duration: 72h

Language: English


  • Introduction to Power electronics
  • Switched-mode power converters in steady-state
  • Buck, Boost and Buck-Boost topologies: steady-state analysis in continuous and discontinuous conduction mode
  • Averaged and small-signal modeling of switched-mode power converters
  • Analog control of switched-mode power converters and standard PI and PID compensator design
  • Fundamentals of digital control of power converters and compensator design
  • Single-phase and three-phase inverters: main topologies and modulation techniques
  • Power factor correction (PFC) AC/DC rectifiers: main topologies and control techniques
  • Laboratory activity: steady-state characterization of basic dc-dc topologies; digital control design of a dc-dc converter.
  • System-level simulation of switched-mode power converters with MATLAB¬©/Simulink¬© and PLECS¬©

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